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Varmints, Pests and other Targets of Opportunitiy
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Let me know what you think!  E-Mail me your questions, your stories, whatever.
I'll even read your hate mail.  But, remember I'm a old man and I'm not going to change.  Besides that, my ex-wife has insulted me far more than you ever can, so don't waste your breath.  Cause there is nothing  worse than a oxygen thief!  
But, if you have some burning feeling to unburdon your soul go ahead "make my day!"  I understand that the psychologically  weak have to vent sometimes. 


I have to say that I haven't been checking the email address that has been posted here.
I work with email all day and it has become a Ball and Chain.  I hate the stuff!!!
So I have set-up a notebook page.  Same rules apply!

"In war there is no substitute for victory."
                                                       - Douglas MacArthur